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Animation and Video

Filmed Spacelands for the nightly programme in German TV

Episode "SpaceArt 2 - Works of Frank Lewecke", 45 min
Lean back, relax and enjoy the journey into the distant worlds..

Paintings in Film and Animation

Space Night is the weekly nightprogramme of Bavarian Television with broacast on channels Bayern 3 and BR alpha. The series "Eart Views" shows views from space shuttle, space station and satellites onto the Earth, whereas the series "Space Art" focuses on the journeys through painted planetscapes and alien worlds, each episode showing the art of one artist. In the episode "Space Art 2" 30 paintings of space and alien planets by Frank Lewecke were filmed. The soundtrack for this episode was produced by the German band A million lights Jürgen Heidinger and Roland Mietke).


Clips of single paintings, camera tracking shots, spacelands in zoom and detail:

 mitani  sea of green
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