Science Fiction Pictures, Space Art and Fantasy by Frank Lewecke

Science Fiction Art

Paintings of alien life on distant planets, space art and scifi painted in acrylics and airbrush on canvas or cardboard.


For publishers of science fiction and fantasy I design cover art and provide illustrations of space and space exploration for ESA.


Apart from public exhibitions my science fiction paintings are also available for rent and display in private or business surroundings.

Scifi Posters

My most popular scifi paintings with space and planets are for sale as art prints and original paintings in my Scifi Poster Shop [German].

Concept Design

Scifi-settings, aliens, 3D-constructs and futuristic concepts like the space elevator - always the explorer and biologist!

Multimedia and 3D

Most paintings and pictures are available in digital formats or de novo as contract work for print or animation.

Frank Lewecke.

Originally from Gütersloh in northern Germany I am now living and working as freelance artist, designer and illustrator in Nürnberg/Bavaria.

Decorated with ESA's Clarke-Bradbury-Award and filmed by German television my science fiction pictures are on tv for some years now on the nightly programme Space-Night on stations BR and Alpha. The German edition of Frank Herbert's DUNE-novels also comes with my cover art.

As a trained biologist I am fascinated by life on distant planets, the literary worlds of Iain Banks or Dan Simmons, the undiscovered lands of our future, on planet earth and beyond. My current reading material and fun to read: the Polis-novels by Neal Asher.

The Craft.

Multimedia Science Fiction Images - Acrylics, Painting, Digital and 3D.

Sketch: alien creature


Ideas on Paper

Aliens, starships, space and planets: The sketchbook always a playground for later paintings.

Screenshot: Scifi castle in Maya 3D


Digital Frameworks in 3D

I love constructing complex objects directly and threedimensional! A final render graphic is then the basis for later works.

Photo: Palette of acrylic paint


Acrylics with Brush and Airbrush

Classical paintings are works of art with soul. The feel, dynamics in brushwork and inking make them unique items of art.



short drafts and sketches



works in acrylics und digital artwork


GB image data

digital works and scans


Individual exhibitions

in gallery, planetarium, company, BMW

Science Fiction Art.

Projects, Works and Impressions form Outer Space and Alien Worlds.

Cover Art
  • Digital painting. Blue planet and Scifi-Watercastle
    • Isle of Caliban
    • by Frank Lewecke
  • Digital painting. Desertplanet, Dune, Arrakis outpost and Lander
    • Desert Landing
    • by Frank Lewecke
  • Digital painting. Space station with green planet
    • Horizon
    • by Frank Lewecke
  • Digital painting. Ringworld ringwall with flycycle
    • Ringwelt
    • by Frank Lewecke
  • Exhibition flyer Planetarium Stuttgart
    • Artwork
    • Planetarium Stuttgart
  • Photo: Foyer. Exhibition Planetarium Stuttgart
    • Exhibition
    • Planetarium Stuttgart
  • Photo: Opening day. Exhibition Planetarium Stuttgart
    • Opening Day
    • Planetarium Stuttgart
  • Bookcover DUNE: Godemperor of DUNE
    • Bookcover
    • Godemperor of DUNE
  • Plattencover: Shipwrecked by Sula Bassana
    • Shipwrecked / Sula Bassana
    • Cover LP and CD


More than 400 prints and paintings sold. Press review, fans und media.

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Spacelands @ Night

The filming of 30 paintings for German televion's « Space Night »