The international Clarke-Bradbury-Award

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The Clarke-Bradbury-Award 2005 went to German Artist Frank Lewecke [:Laveke] for his painting "Africa Tower".
This award is granted by Europeans Space Agency ESA in Cooperation with Swiss Maison d'Ailleurs Museum for Fantasticism and the OURS Foundation.
It is devoted to the science fiction authors Arthur C. Clarke ("2001 Space Odyssee") and Ray Bradbury ("Fahrenheit 451") and was presented in 2003 for the first time and it is also part of ESA project study "ITSF" ("Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction for Applications in Space").

In the 2005 international competition artists and authors worldwide were called to submit works in the topic "Space Elevator". Until february 28th 2005 109 participants submitted their works of art , with 46 from USA, 10 from UK, Germany 7, Canada 6 (and others).

The Jury:
Dr. David Raitt (European Space Agency, Netherlands)
Patrick Gyger (Maison d'Ailleurs, Switzerland)
Dr. Bradley Edwards (Carbon Designs, Inc., USA)
Dr. Bryan Laubscher (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
Robert Parkinson (Consultant, GB)
Philip Ragan (Space Elevator Expert, USA)
Dr. Peter Swan (South-West Analytic Network Inc., USA)
Ben Shelef (The Spaceward Foundation, USA)
Arthur Woods (The OURS Foundation, Switzerland)

The Jury's Results as published on July 7th 05:

1. "Africa Tower" by Frank Lewecke (Germany)

Planet Earth, Sinai and Africa with space station and moon
Africa Tower

2. "Rising at Dusk" by Richard Bizley (GB)

Winners in genre listing literature:
1. "Clever" by Christian Doan (Australia)
2. "Ervin's Watch" by Scott Rolsen (USA)

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